Monday, April 27, 2009

Psychic Fair @ Mystic Alternatives

I'm happy to say it was an excellent weekend at the store! We all had a great time and even tho' the Grand Opening of Mystic Alternatives is postponed until June or July, the Psychic Fair was fantastic and drew a pretty good crowd this weekend.
I was there with my Yellowstar*Essentials products and making custom purefumes and blends for everyone, Francine was there with her fantastic Healing Sounds Chair (WOW!!! that thing is amazing!...I'm still feeling its effects!). Bonnie with her hypnosis and past life regressions, Marie and her tea leaf readings, Jeremy with his amazing tarot readings and Shaman Jeff Wheeler with his phenomenal stones and crystals was there for a special visit we all enjoyed. Doug created loads of beautiful jewelry with some gorgeous stones and crystals and Chris was helping loads of people with his wonderful energy healings.
Everyone seemed in good spirits.
I love making personalized custom intuited-blends for people, I have such a great time finding them that 'just right' scent or synergy that suits them specifically.
I think people also enjoy having that one-on-one attention and taking the time to find something they can really use.
I love sitting with them and aiding in that process.
We all had a great weekend and are looking forward to the actual Grand Opening coming soon.
I'll keep you all informed as time goes on.
Thanks to all of those who came and spent time with us...we enjoyed every one of you and hope to see you again soon!
And thanks for making it a super psychic fair weekend!

Stop in any time to see us and all the spiritual gifts/etc....that you could wish for :)

Have a beautiful week and keep the smiles on your faces....they're contagious!

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