Friday, March 25, 2011

African Sandalwood Essential Oil

African Sandalwood essential oil;
I love the scent of Sandalwood….deep, sweet, woody, and so relaxing, perfect for meditation, and repairing skin. It also reminds me of a dear friend who isn’t with us anymore, but her memory lives on each time I catch a whiff of the mesmerizing aroma of sweet sandalwood.
The documented use of Sandalwood goes back 4000 years to India, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Many temples and structures were built from Sandalwood and the Egyptians used it in embalming.
There’s so much to love about it, no wonder it’s one of the world’s most expensive essential oils/resins. The Sandalwood from the Mysore region of India is the most famous type and is known for it’s exquisite scent; the Santalum album is the best sandalwood in the world. But, don’t despair if you can’t afford the Indian Sandalwood, here is a different kind of sandalwood from Africa that carries it’s own exquisite properties.

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